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Creating Access to Health Careers Through Your CTE Program
Presenter: Ashley Carlson, Certification Specialist. NATIONAL HEALTHCAREER ASSOCIATION (NHA)
Are you thinking of adding or expanding your Health Science program? Join this session hosted by NHA to learn how to choose the best certification(s) to align with local demand, choose curriculum that meets workforce demands, and best prepare your students to provide quality patient care.

Tools to Enhance CTE Virtual Instruction
Presenter: Aimee Wyatt, Director. State and District Partnerships Southern Regional Education Board
SREB has a cadre of CTE consultants who have spent the past year supporting teachers to provide effective virtual instruction. We have identified tools and strategies that will be shared with participants that are, we have determined, to be the best for helping CTE instruction in a virtual or blended or synchronous or asynchronous settings. Join this session to learn about these tools and how CTE teachers across the nation are using them to enhance virtual and blended instruction.

How to Become a NYSED-Approved CTE Program
Presenter: Brittany Kitterman, Associate in Instructional Services. NYSED
This presentation will guide you through the components that are required to obtain CTE program approval. The presentation is designed to inform first time applicants of the advantages, components, and responsibilities of a NYSED-Approved CTE Program.

An Overview of the Program Reapproval Process: Changes, New Requirements, and Reasoning
Presenter: Michael LaMastra, Associate in Business and Marketing Education. NYSED
This presentation will provide a side-by-side comparison of the 2020 and 2021 reapproval applications. There have been some changes in data and reporting requirements, so this presentation will explain all of the changes, the reasoning behind them, as well as provide general technical assistance on the program reapproval process.

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