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The ACTEA Organizational Membership has been created in response to the needs indicated by the membership. The intent of this Organizational Membership is to enhance what ACTEA offers each organization (BOCES or LEA). If you are already a CTECC subscriber, you retain that access and in addition, have the benefits listed below for $2,500. If you are not a current CTECC subscriber, with your new ACTEA Organizational Membership you will have access to CTECC along with the benefits listed below for $2,500.
  • Advocacy-The leadership of the CTE professional organizations organized under NYSACTE have agreed that there is a need to staff their advocacy efforts. The professional organizations have agreed to allocate resources to support the creation of a part time Consultant. This individual would be tasked to organize and mobilize CTE organization(s) membership to present and advocate the NYSACTE position.
  • Teacher Memberships-Associate memberships for ALL CTE teachers in your organization will be granted all of the privileges due a nonvoting member.
  • Atlas-Access to Atlas to organize, communicate, and disseminate curriculum information at a discounted rate of $60/user.
  • Leadership Development-Teacher and administrator access to ACTEA Annual Leadership Conference in March.
  • Student Scholarships-This scholarship is available to seniors who are enrolled in a Career and Technical Education program, who have actively participated in a Career & Technical Student Organization and have demonstrated leadership abilities.
  • Teacher Awards-All teachers that are associate members will be eligible to be nominated for the NYS CTE Teacher of the Year award. 
  • SED Access-The New York State Education Department has appointed a representative to sit on the ACTEA Executive Committee. This representative is our link to SED and gives ACTEA a voice at the department. The executive committee receives first hand information from SED that can be disseminated back to the membership by each zone representative.

Due to a career advancement opportunity for an incumbent team member, the CTE Technical Assistance Center of NY (NYS CTE TAC) announces an opening for a Field Team Associate for Southern NYS and Yonkers.